How to switch profiles without creating an issue on the latest version of ankihub

In the ankihub tutorial video, he says that you can change the configuration syn on startup to false however under my configuration that is not an option. since the video was made 8 months ago there must have been some updates that has changed the configuration page. can i get help with the latest version of ankihub, about enabling switching profiles (to not bug the hub addon)

the options i have under the configurations are as follows:

"auto_sync": "on_ankiweb_sync",
"debug_level_logs": false,
"hotkey": "Alt+u",
"report_errors": true,
"suspend_new_cards_of_existing_notes": "if_siblings_are_suspended",
"sync_hotkey": "Ctrl+Shift+h",
"use_staging": false


-what change do i need to make for this version?

You can use the "never" option to disable auto syncing.

Please see mentions of “profile,” in the docs and let us know if that answers your questions.