How were the High Yield tagged cards determined?

This Question was taken from a reddit post that I thought did not have a great answer in the replies and is relevant to those who are interested in using the High Yield Tags.
"Can’t find any info on the process of it; just wondering because I noticed certain topics are completely suspended with the tag - for example biochem metabolism and then I don’t see a lot of micro drugs or derm stuff either

I’m guessing this was intentional - but why? are there enough dispersed throughout or are we suppossed to not rely on anki for certain topics at all? Can’t find any info on this anywhere"

Basically people that had take step 1 went through the cards and decided what they felt was higher yield content. It isn’t perfect but should be helpful

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I Couldnt find the high yield tag in anking overhaul 12 (ankihub).
Is it still used ?

Yeah it’s in there

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