Is the IO-one by one editor broken in last anki update?

I used to create the cards without any problem for the last month (Anki23 October version) but sometimes had random issues where the editor won’t confirm my occlusions. For the past 2 days, I haven’t been able to create any new card with one by one image occlusions (everytime i click to confirm the occlusions don’t appear) however, reviews are fine. It is worth mentioning that i updated to the last update of anki23 December version 4 days ago

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Is there any fix from my end or just wait for it to get fixed?

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I’m having the same issue. I can review pre-made IO cards, but I can’t make new ones. I went back to the deck wiki and followed instructions, but the app isn’t responding the way the walkthrough describes (occlusions don’t say ‘rect1’ inside, and IO field doesn’t auto populate). Is there a new workflow I’m unaware of? I’m wondering if add-ons are clashing with recent native Anki updates.

The Closet add-on hasn’t got an update in a while. The author is not much active anymore, unfortunately.

Is it recommended to remove the Closet add-on then and just just use the the Image Occlusion Enhanced template rather than the IO one-by-one template?

If Image Occlusion Enhanced works for you, then I recommend using it for new cards instead, or just the native Image Occlusion feature in Anki 23.10+. Cards created this way won’t have the one-by-one feature though because the AnKing template is written for Closet.