Issue with cards being due at different dates

I am having a weird experience where some cards will be due in 3 days with “good,” some 2 days, and some will be 4 days. They were unsuspended and done at the same time, and the first click on all three was “good.” Is this indicative of messed up settings/deck?


This is intended behavior by the V3 scheduler

This is done so you don’t have a big amount of cards due on one day, so its spread out so instead of having 10 cards in one day, you have (for example) 3 tomorrow, 3 after tomorrow, and 4 after after tomorrow

See more info here:

Thanks for your quick response. Just to clarify- I am using the “ankihub” settings with ankore deck, and I do not have the V3 scheduler (I am assuming this is an addon?) downloaded. Is this still intended?

V3 comes automatically enabled with the newer versions of Anki automatically, it’s not an addon. Yes it is intended

Thanks Ahmed.

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