Lost my lecture notes after update

i had canceled ankihub subscription for 4 months and i renewed it today but when i updated anking from ankihub all my lecture notes dissapeared and there is just random numbers written there instead of my notes and pictures, even though i secured lecture notes from ankihub website can you help me how to solve this problem?

If you click on the “Fields” button in the editor, do you see a field named “ankihub_id”? Is it shown in the editor?

Please use AnkiHub > Help > Upload logs and data and let us know the filename shown.

yes it is shown in the bottom, what do i do now?

This will be useful for debugging the issue.

here is the file name: ankihub_addon_debug_info_207aa_1692449613.zip

now what do i do?

In the meantime I would restore a backup so you don’t lose your notes

Anki: How to Backup and Restore From Backup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHnUgNIJcR4&t=153s

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As Nick mentioned, restore from a backup, then ensure you have protected the lecture notes field (take a screenshot as well if you can).

Then you can perform this step:

Unsubscribe to the deck on the ankihub addon → Unsubscribe to the deck on the AnkiHub website → Resubscribe again on the website → Press sync in Anki

Then you should still have all the changes you have made to your lecture notes field. Also make sure you are using the correct AnKing deck titled “AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 and 2” by AnKingMed with 25K+ subscribers

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i deleted this deck then reinstalled again from backup and did every step you said, unsubscribed from ankihub then re subscribed and synced it again but still the same, pictures dissapeared and also lecture notes pls help me correct this i cant afford to waste any more time without doing anki

What did the backup image look like? i.e. before you subscribed, what did that string of letters show, was it an image? Did you upload it yourself? Is this happening with every single card you added something to the lecture notes field?

this is what lecture notes look like my notes from uworld

this is now and pictures which are missing from extra field are just regular anking pictures not mine & plus not only mine notes but every card even it is empty in lecture notes has this random numbers

and from the image you asked is this but i dont have lecture notes of that card

Hmm, this is odd.

When prompted, are you pressing upload to ankiweb after downloading the AnKing deck by any chance?

no i didnt sync with my anki web so i wont lose progress there too i just backed up and synced with ankihub

maybe it has something to do with my anki version?

Perhaps, you can try updating to 2.1.64 as this is the one we recommend.

However, try this first, you should try pressing upload to ankiweb, you will have the backups just incase anything goes wrong

so you are saying i should upload on ankiweb cards with this random numbers, i got that right?

Hold off for now, @developers will take a look at this since I have never seen this happen before where lecture notes populate with a random number

Gotta be first in everything :wink:

how long will it take until developers check this out?

I have a suspicion it might be related to your note type (if so, that would be a bug in AnkiHub).

Can you download the AnKing Note Types addon and then after restarting go to AnKing-> AnKing Note Types. Click “update note types” if it will let you. Otherwise go to the “AnKingOverhaul” tab and click “import” at the bottom (is that an option?)

If it lets you import, you probably will need to manually change your decks note types to that new Cloze-AnKingOverhaul note type you just imported. After that, the update to the deck on AnkiHub should work fine. If it doesn’t, restore a backup again and please export a few notes and share on here so we can look further into it

so here is what i did i deleted current deck and downloaded AnKing Note Type addon and clicked on update note types in general, after that i again downloaded backed up anking and synced with ankihub which didnt delete anking deck main pictures and also pictures i added in extra field in cards but still left lecture notes with random numbers

before it was deleting both like in this picture

but now only lecture notes

What do your notes look like before the update? What note type are they?

my notes consist of pictures and just some uworld explanations and they look like this: