Protected Fields v12 update issue

Hello, I just noticed that it appears as though the “atlas” pictures that were originally in the “additional resources” tabs in the v11 deck were apparently overwritten into my pixorize tab. When i open my pixorize tab it now displays the atlas images, etc. I did have Pixorize selected as a field to protect during the initial upgrade last week, so I’m wondering if there is any way to remedy this?


Can you try resetting local changes using AnkiHub > Reset all local changes to a deck in the browser?

Hello, unfortunately that did not work.

Can you click AnkiHub > Upload logs and data and post the filename shown?

Is this affecting all notes? I quickly checked some notes but couldn’t see the issue. Can you also give me some note IDs of notes showing the issue?

1472078681367, this note should be " Dilated cardiomyopathy results in {{c1::systolic::systolic or diastolic}} dysfunction". This is an example of when the images typically found in the “additional resources” section on the back of the card are now in the “pixorize” field. Over the past couple years there were many pixorize images that I manually added to pixorize relevant cards. The vast majority of those images are now either missing or in some cases they were replaced by images from the additional resources section.

Just taking a quick glance, when looking at the tags for sketchypath → cardiac → heart failure → congestive heart failure - physiology… there are some good examples in there that illustrate additional images that now appear in the pixorize field that were not placed there by myself.