Updating Missing values today & then syncing with AnkiHub deleted Pixorize Field images

After I updated Missing values today, I then synced with AnkiHub. After that I checked the media and I had > 1000 unused files. These are mostly Pixorize images because Pixorize field became empty although I’m protecting this field on AnkiHub. I had to unprotect Pixorize field & reset local changes to the whole deck. Now, I have 153 missing files (I don’t know why), but Pixorize field issue is fixed.

This occured before and screwed also my Missed Questions field which I couldn’t restore back. I don’t know why this occurs given the fact that I’m protecting these fields on AnkiHub & I wonder if there’s a faster way to restore the screwed fields.

This is not related to the issue you mentioned:

But I have been studying the bugs section from lolnotacop, and it does not appear to have any pixorize images associated with it at all. I tried to follow the steps pixorize has on their website, but it does not seem to add images to the bugs. Is this moreso because Pixorize has not added their images to all bug cards, or am I just doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated, and I apologize for adding a distractor to this thread. Additionally, I do pay for the pixorize subscription, it just seems like their instructions are semi out of date.