Not all media files syncing

I’ve tried multiple times to get all the media files to sync and appear on my ankihub deck, however, not all the files have uploaded each time. I have tried signing out of ankihub addon and unsubcribing from the deck + resetting local changes + unprotecting fields + deleting/reinstalling Anki to no success. Currently, my anki says that media sync is complete, despite there being over 20k missing files. Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


What media is missing? In which fields?

Depending on the field, the way to get them might be different therefore it would be helpful to know this!

Text/Extra/Sketchy/Pixorize are synced by us

Physeo, you need a subscription to get the images

We do not sync First Aid or Additional resources images, so we cannot provide media for that