Missing 20k media files

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 12.50.56 PM

I recently subscribed to AnkiHub and synced the deck, there were around 20k missing images after the media synced. I deleted the deck, unsubscribed, and then resubscribed again, yet the issue is still there. How do I make sure there is no missing media? Please help

The missing media is most likely first aid or additional resources images.

If you have the media package and you want to see those images, you have to go to ankihub β†’ anking deck β†’ manage protected data β†’ make sure additional resources/FA does not have a check

Then go to browse in your anki β†’ at the top click ankihub β†’ reset all local changes

Then import media from your pre-existing V11 deck or media package

Note, some missing media might be Physeo images. You will need a subscription from them to see those images. We only sync Text, Extra, Sketchy, and Pixorize fields

Are the missing files supposed to be almost 20k in number?

I am not 100% sure the exact number but between FA, additional resources, Physeo then that number might be correct. If you don’t want media to be missing/don’t want those images, you can alternatively batch edit those fields and delete their content, then protect those fields so they do not show up as missing