Pixorize Images Missing

Hi, I’m still having images from pixorize not show up in my deck and not sure why. I download the media file linked in the google drive folder, then import them from my local downloads folder, but the images are still missing, any suggestions how to fix this? Importing the images worked in the past, but doesn’t seem to be working recently for me.

Can you give some examples?

@anking.jacob can you follow up on the examples?

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Happy to, thanks for the help. If it makes a difference, after I import the images from the pixorize folder, it says I have 176 unused files and 594 missing images.

In my deck, neither of these cards have references to any pixorize images. Is it possible that these cards were incorrectly included in some previous version of the pixorize image set and have been cleaned up so as not to include them? That may explain why you still have the pointers but no images.

On AnkiHub both of the cards have images that were uploaded on May 10th, just not sure why they’re not adding to the deck when I import the images, or maybe they’re not syncing with AnkiHub correctly?

@Wildspin9 have you protected your pixorize field?

Nope, the box isn’t checked in the protected fields on the website, and I double checked that I don’t have the protected field tag added either.

I think it might be that the images are named differently in the shared drive folder (off the pixorize website) compared to AnkiHub. When I download the image from ankihub manually the picture has the name “7160e4d66f944806c85e44d24a022cfb.jpg”, but in the file from the drive folder it’s named “06_Leflunomide1.jpg”.

This does sound like it would be the issue. Is this happening to just a few images or all of them?

Not all but seems like it might be the more recent images. When I import the images from the downloaded file using ankihub, it lists 176 of the imported pixorize images as “Unused”, so I think it’s those images.

Let me dig into this we have new members on the team and they may be skipping steps.

Looks like this happened to the recent neuro and MSK pharm drugs and tracts. We are working to resolve this issue.

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Sounds good thanks for the help!

Hey same thing is happening with me but the 2 cards you posted above don’t even have a pixorize field for me. Several cards in pixorize biochem don’t show images or the images are old now. Please someone help.

Are you protecting the Pixorize field on AnkiHub website?

How do I see if I am protecting Pixorize field but I doubt it? Also, quick question regarding sketchy micro is there no Gram - cocci sub deck I only see the retired versions?

This issue is due to a bug. We are currently following it.

Not sure on the sketchy info sorry. You can ask the community.

Also having this same issue on these cards