Pixorize images missing after importing folder with images

After importing the pixorize image files some of them still appear as missing under the tags. Any idea on how to fix this? I tried re-downloading and re-importing the folder again and it said “Import complete” “No files were imported”

Additionally, is it best to keep the pixorize field protected now that there are some images in those fields that won’t be updated in the generic updates?

@anking.jacob can you look into this?

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Yes there was an HTML error on this card, otherwise we are uploading new images on a daily basis to the Pixorize media folder.

Is that something that will change for other cards as well? For example, in looking through what looks like all of the neuroanatomy pixorize tags they all seem to show a similar error of a missing image. Also, with the constant updates should we regularly redownload and reimport the pixorize folder from google drive?

Thank you guys for all you’ve done and the help

Yea it is reccomended to download as often as you need to, when you are missing images. After downloading and if the image still shows as missing then please mark it and notify us on ankihub.

Hi where am I able to find the pixorize folder with the updated images? Is it still the same one from the google docs link on their website, or is there a different one with updated images?

This is an issue we are working on resolving.

Ok no worries, thanks for the help.

Try it again, the new link in the document should be working.