Missing AnKing and Pixorize Media

AnKing Pixorize is missing the images starting from “01 to 06”. AnKing Main Deck is missing “Cleanshot to paste-fed”. I was wondering if you know how to obtain those images. They don’t exist in the preexisting Pixorize media folder or the most recently updated AnKing folder. The Physeo folder is fine. Thanks!

We’ve added pixorize media recently. Have to tried redownloading that google drive?

Hi. Not only have I tried re-downloading the google drive, I tried to find the above 36 files manually by searching and scrolling in the the media folder itself. I understand AnKing was updated very recently. Here’s an example of the Pix media folder when I’m trying to find “01_Anterior_Cerebral…”. The AnKing media folder itself is also missing the last 8 media listed…

@anking.jacob do you know what’s going on here?

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Yes I upload the Pixorize images once per week. I will be uploading some if not all of these today or tomorrow.

@anking.jacob in the future you shouldn’t accept changes into the deck if you haven’t uploaded the media yet

Thanks for the update. It’s both the Pixorize and the AnKing media folder. I’ll keep that in mind moving forward. Take care.

Good to know, technically I wasn’t the one who accepted them, I will let everyone know this.

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The Pixorize images have been updated! :slight_smile:


One final question/request. Still missing the media below*** and the AnKing media folder is missing media from"etc3" and below. That’s a really minor nitpick so there’s no need to do anything. But how often do we need to recheck/redownload the media folder or are we just waiting for the future update where users can upload their own image? Thanks.


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Hi, could you share the link to the new drive with the updated images? The link from pixorize’s site sends us to the following:


Which shows last modified January 13, 2023.

In my collection, I’m missing 23 files now after trying to update the collection, the link in the reddit post shows last modified July 30, 2022.

Of the 23 pictures missing in my collection, there are a few which seem to be misspelled in the above posted google drive from pixorize, such as

Missing: 13_NS34A_Inhibitors_1.jpg
Missing: 13_NS34A_Inhibitors_2.jpg

The corresponding images in the Pixorize folder are named:
(these have an underscore after the 3, but the linked images don’t have it, so anki sees these as extra images and deletes them)

These are the 23 files missing from my collection and of these, the 6 images that start with 13_, 14_ and 15_ are the one’s that are named wrong in the pixorize media folder. The rest, I can’t find in any of the shared folders.


So could you guys please share the links to the most updated Google drive folders so that we can solve this error.

The fix to the missing media with “_” in their name is Add-ons > View Files > going to your media folder and manually changing their names. Those files are just misnamed. Otherwise it’s the same folder and not actually a new folder. If you go to the Pixorize folder, the last updated is not accurate. You need to order the image by date uploaded to see the newest files.

Ok that’s fine, I can rename those manually. But I thought it would be helpful if they were named that way in the actual download so that people in the future getting the deck wouldn’t face the same issue.

Also I noticed in your screenshot you’re only missing 2 files starting with the name CleanShot whereas I’m missing 5. Is it possible that you could upload the files missing from my screenshot that I posted that you do have in your collection aside from the 6 files that I can rename?

:frowning: y recommendation to getting all the media intact from google drive is to use rclone,

itll check for the file integrity and download everything without messing up or requiring you to zip it on the web ui

there are some where it wont download due to “illegal” characters and escapes sadly :frowning:

rclone copy "YOURCONFIGNAME,root_folder_id='1CSFd1x-TKj1FpbT9CEzYJ_ZnrzTO5nLU':" /Destination/collection.media/ -P -v

rclone is free and pretty easy to use.

the drive page is a mess to use and i just slapped the command in and let it churn thru. downloaded the entire media collection in 5 minutes

at the time of typing this
Total objects: 1216

So… what was the final outcome after you checked media, anything missing?

Thanks for bringing these typos to our attention, I will work on getting this fixed asap.

Recently I noticed even more missing media and/or filename changes which I’ve logged in this topic:

tbh i had to go digging for the old v11 deck that had media included.
once i exported the media and reimported it to v12 everything just worked including on my phone
if jacob wants to run and compare it, that v11 deck link with media is your bet to see what got left out in the official media

might be the way ankihub is behaving alongside ankiweb-sync but ive not been able to debug the issue correctly. wont mind helping debug it after my exam this coming week.
i saw that some of the Uworld stuff needs to be tagged too but that can be automated from uworld dump itself since you can scrape the entire qbank and query for

"questionId": 14237,
"subjectId": 116,
"subject": "Pathology",
"systemId": 271,
"system": "Pathology (General Principles)",
"topicId": 23557,
"topic": "Bone tumor",
"titleId": 23557,
"title": "Bone tumor",
"topicAttributeId": 330629,
"topicAttribute": "Neoplasia",

and dump them into table or something and get it into tags for a deck pretty easily.
UWorld API is very nice and extensive. Imagine if i had the documentation for it D:

We would love your help. I have been running into some issues with either Anki or Ankihub renaming some of the images leading to issues.

if you have discord or something i can help.
i have to postpone and brush up on forumlas but im on the right track.
but as far as the media goes,
you’ll need to reup em if you have it saved locally to the drive thats linked on the v12 post.
its not as bad as it sounds, theres a sync file feature on rclone that allows for destination syncing so it matches correctly on the drive end.

so im upping the grind that on that