Problems with pixorize media

Hi everyone, I have a problem with pixorize media. I already uploaded the pack provided in their extra section, and some cards were updated correctly but for some reason most of the cards don’t show their respective media. I have been trying to solve it and I found that when I press ctrl+shift+x on the pixorize field in the cards that are missing the media the following shows up:

The card is talking about aspirin and I searched in my anki collection media and the aspirin images are there:

I don’t understand why the cards have that weird number name listed instead of the “01_Aspirin1” one.
Maybe I’m completely wrong xd about this being the reason that the cards don’t show up, if anyone can help me I would be extremely grateful. Thankyou!!

@anking.jacob can you answer this?

We have a new member on the team who isn’t sure what happened they updated several videos and when they pasted the image in it renamed them. We are working on solving it. Any idea what happened Nick?

Oh I think I know what’s going on. I think AnkiHub adjusts the image names.

@developers what can we do for this? There are people adding pixorize images to a google drive folder, but AnkiHub alters the html of any new images added. Ideally they want to put the images into the google drive prior to the sync. Down the road we’ll want to have the feature where we can just protect fields.

My suspicion is that for now we need to do this:

  • Create new submissions and get them accepted
  • Sync with AnkiHub
  • Use the AnkiHub export images function and put those images in the folder

@Sameem is my new Pixorize helper and I am bringing him here so we can figure out the best solution.

@TheAnKing @developers
So here’s the issues we’re facing:

Issue 1 (High priority) There some lag from notes being accepted on AnkiHub to when a client downloads those changes, I’d say some 15min to 1 hour delay. This has caused some edits to overlap, especially the bulk ones. I had done multiple attempt on my side to see if the issue is on my side, ended up installing the deck completely in a new profile and then syncing properly and then uploading changes and still ended up with this issue. Here’s an insight:

Issue 2. When I uploaded the the changes, somehow the HTML (name) of media files gets changed, ankihub overwrites the media HTML (name) to a random number. The workaround suggested by @TheAnKing will work for now but we need the actual HTML names to be displayed as the media (with original names) is separately sent to pixorize G-Drive.

here are the logs of the new profile: ankihub_addon_logs_103c1_1685466986.log

Thanks for clarifying this stuff @Sameem. I’ve asked the developers to look into this

Hi, any update on this? Still unable to see many of the pixorize images.

@anking.jacob it looks like we need to do this. Can you maybe coordinate pixorize updates in waves? (Ie only at the beginning of each month?)

Yeah let me reach out to the team and inform them of this. You suggest we protect our Pixorize fields while working on them then? Is there any word from the dev team on fixing this issue?

Yeah that’s what’s probably best

Basically AnkiHub changes the names of the images because of technical reasons and getting around that is going to be very difficult. I’m talking with the owner of Pixorize right now and we may be able to just share them and get around this anyway

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My read of this convo is that there is no necessary action from the dev team at this point. AnkiHub provides unique image names to avoid name collisions so deck creators need to keep this in mind when keeping an external source in sync with the source with what is in Anki’s media folder.

If you feel strongly that AnkiHub should behave differently, it would be helpful if you can create a new topic in :pleading_face: Feature Request that summarizes the request, @anking.jacob, and we an consider whether this is something we can prioritize in the future. :slight_smile:

Thanks Andrew this help me know the purpose and that we had added a step that wasn’t needed in our tagging team! Thanks for your help!

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