Pixorize media not showing

I am having difficulty with pixorize images

I already imported the pixorize media but I don’t see it in the card

Can you help me with that

Make sure to stay updated with the Pixorize drive media. You can import it and get all these new media files.

I already Imported and when I import again nothing was added because all pics is imported already but not showing
I did check database and media. Physeo is working properly but the problem is with pixorize

I’m having the same issue, for example all the Thalamic nuclei pixorize images just show up as blank image files. Is there a way to get these pictures to sync with my Anki? I tried downloading the media files from the Extra section on their website but it seems to be a bit outdated and missing lots of content (such as the Thalamic Nuclei).

I am having the same issue @anking.jacob
I redownloaded it today from the pixorize website, when I click import and show details it shows 1035 media files found, 1035 media files were skipped because they already exist in collection. But when I go to browse I have multiple different tags that have a image missing icon in their place. I have the same thing on my check media as well.

Could you give specific videos/images that are not showing up with associated Pixorize tags?

No images under pixorize-biochemistry-biochemical pathways-Electron Transport Chain, one card Purine Extraction, half missing under catecholamine syn & breakdown, but not all. Glyogeneisis is missing most of its pics. Its really random

Almost all of the pics is not synchronized with the deck
The example is from cranial nerves

Almost all of those images were just added last week. You must not have downloaded and imported them correctly. Can you show me the html code for the images that are missing?

Where can I find the html code?

In the pixorize field press Ctrl/command+shift+x

I’m having the same issue (I think), and just imported from pixorize/checked everything to the best of my ability today. This is what showed up for me, if its alright to jump in.

Looks like you are having issues importing the media. The image is in the folder and the HTML is correct. This is what it looks like for me.

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Any suggestions on what to do? @anking.jacob

I can try and look into it. Could you export your entire deck with media upload and share the deck with me?

Yes I can do that, how can I share it with you?

Also I just was trying a few things and unsubscribed from the deck in the ankihub addon and now I get an error when trying to add it back. It seems like there is a thread tonight on tons of people having this issue. Should I wait until that gets fixed?

I couldn’t do it

Just send me the link in a DM here.

I don’t think Pixorize has figured out the ETC cards yet