Low Card Count on Step 1 deck

Despite trying to unsubscribe and sync, I’m still only left with 21808 notes (27970 cards) in my step 1 deck… Does anyone know how to reacquire the rest of the cards? I’m sitting at 7k cards matured, so I don’t want to blank slate if i don’t absolutely have to.

Any ideas?? I can’t keep using the deck this way

I think we need a lot more information to understand what you’re talking about. Which step 1 deck are you talking about? Did you have a deck downloaded prior to using AnkiHub? How many notes were in your deck prior to using AnkiHub? What are the exact steps you have taken in the use of this deck and in your interaction with AnkiHub up to this point?

  1. The Anking V12 step 1 deck
  2. Yes, the V11 step 1 deck
  3. Don’t remember, didn’t take note
  4. The only thing worth mentioning is that the deck retained its subdeck categorization from prior updates (e.g. Zanki Biochemistry opens into molecular biology, metabolism, and vitamin subdecks). Otherwise I follow the whole “delete flagged to delete cards” thing every version update. I’ve tried unsubscribing and resubscribing to the deck on Ankihub a bunch to see if that would restore missing cards. That’s about it.

Did they ever help you with this? So annoying to pay for it to be a more frustrating experience

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Nope. At this point I’m paying for an incomplete product. In comparison to v11 it’s becoming highway robbery lol.

@vargasjs19 @Dxcenxy

We will try our best to help you!

Perhaps @Nick or @andrew can further assist you in this

@Dxcenxy @vargasjs19

This has been assigned to our developer team. They will look into it, but please be patient.

If someone in the community has asked for more information and that was appropriate (as in this case), they will wait for that information. As it has been only since yesterday that we’ve had more information, please allow time for them to look into it.

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Hi @Dxcenxy, have you tried unsubscribing to the oldest Anking deck on the Anki addon instead of on the web app? My suggestion is to unsubscribe from the older Anking decks on the AnkiHub addon (on the Anki desktop), then unsubscribe, and subscribe again to the Anking deck on the web app. Afterward, go to Anki, click on the option “Subscribed Decks,” and add the Anking deck to your list by inputting its ID and clicking on the “Subscribe” button.