Paid for the Anki Hub---why are only 666 cards available for step 2

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Not syncing for full decj–only recieing 600 step 2 cards for that tag.

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Hi @vargasjs19, have you tried unsubscribing to the oldest Anking deck on the Anki addon instead of on the web app? My suggestion is to unsubscribe from the older Anking decks on the AnkiHub addon (on the Anki desktop), then unsubscribe, and subscribe again to the Anking deck on the web app. Afterward, go to Anki, click on the option “Subscribed Decks,” and add the Anking deck to your list by inputting its ID and clicking on the “Subscribe” button.

I was never subscribed to the old anki decks. Please put me in contact with support who can help facilitate a refund.


Is this the tag you are getting only 666 cards for?

yes thats the one