Mainly ios for ankihub? TTS with ankihub?

Hi! About to start my residency in dermatology and decided to give dermki a go. Enjoying it so far, but I was wondering how dependant I might be on my laptop to get a full experience? I’ve had a look around and can’t seem to find the answers for my take on this, terribly sorry if I’ve missed something obvious. Basically, I’m trying to stick to my iphone and ipad as my laptop is just too bulky and hard to squeeze in review sessions on it with two toddlers at home.

-Reading other threads, I get the impression I need to have my laptop sync regularly for media files to make their way to my ios devices, is that correct? Or can media with new cards sync without me syncing my laptop? the few cards I’ve stubled upon with media haven’t worked, I believe they mentioned something about a sync issue despite multiple syncs and the syncronize buton being nice and blue.

-I can’t quite figure out -where- to add the TTS code in the anki app on MacOS. Highlight the Ankihub & crown emoji in the sidebar, then just the ”Cards” button no matter which card is highlighted, and then front, back, etc, and then ALL ankihub cards are set for TTS? Or would that also affect other decks? From what I gather, the Dermki deck has 8360 cards as of now, but the settings mentions that changes to the template affects 5776 -notes- of that type.

Finally, how is adding the code for TTS affected by the ankihub updates and syncs?

Afraid to experiment without knowing if I might mess up my deck and progress so far. Hope you get the gist of what I’m trying to figure out. Any help would be much appreciated- the potential with dermki feels MASSIVE.


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Goodluck on your dermatology residency!

To answer your first question, yes you will need a laptop or computer to sync with ankihub, then after it finishes syncing you can sync with your iphone/ipad and get those changes/

I personally don’t have much experience with TTS but a number of people do use it while using AnkiHub and it seems to work fine. if anyone has used TTS and knows more about it, feel free to comment in this thread!

Maybe this video might help?