Media sync and one way syncing makes no progression

When I go to sync it completes fine but the media sync almost does not progress. It takes about 5 minutes to actiually start and then in 20 minutes of syncing its only checked 6 cards. I forced synced to ankiweb in an attempt to solve the issue. Even that took 35+ minutes. I have used 3 different networks with no improvement. I have deleted and redownloaded anki on my computer but this also did not help. I apologize I do not have an image to attach at this moment. Any help is appreciated.

Hello, I suggest your issue maybe due to some of the following:

  1. Update Anki: Make sure you’re using the latest version of Anki. Older versions might have syncing issues that have been resolved in newer releases. You can download the latest version from the Anki website.
  2. Disable Add-ons: Sometimes, third-party add-ons in Anki can cause syncing issues. Temporarily disable any add-ons you’ve installed and check if syncing improves.
    3.Review Sync Settings : Anki allows you to customize sync settings. To check these settings, open Anki and go to Tools > Preferences > Network. Make sure the “Synchronize on profile open” and “Synchronize on profile close” options are unchecked if you want to sync manually. Also, consider changing the sync server to see if it makes a difference.
    4.Check for Conflicts: Sometimes, conflicts between different devices or profiles can cause syncing issues. Ensure that you’re not trying to sync the same profile from multiple devices simultaneously.

This is Anki related and not AnkiHub related from what it seems. Can you take a picture of the screen that says the syncing?

If this is your first time syncing, it will take a long time, then subsequent syncing will be blazing fast