Missed Question Field Not Being Protected

After synching to ankihub I lose all of my personal images in the missed questions field despite having this field protected on ankihub. This is not happening with my lecture notes field, B&B field, or Pathoma field (these are protected as well). Additionally all of my cards (whether I had an image previously or not) pop up with the missed question field box during review. Seeking help!

@developers can we look into this please?

Please try this method of checking if the field protection works:

  • Make some changes to the Missed Questions field of a note.
  • Try resetting local changes to the note (right-click the note in the browser → AnkiHub: Reset local changes).

If the field is protected, it should not be reset.

Can you try this and tell me if it works for you?

For completeness sake I will describe my steps

-created backup

-I had to resubscribe to the Anking deck in order to follow your instructions, otherwise I would get the message, “Please only select notes with AnkiHub ids to reset local changes.”

-After resubscribing I lost all of the content in my “missed questions” field, despite protecting the field. My “lecture” field was not impacted (my “lecture” field was also protected)

-I then followed you instructions and upon resetting local changes, the “missed questions” field did not change

Despite this working, I am still unable to subscribe to the deck and not have my “missed questions” field erased

I have a suspicion. What version of the deck are you using currently? And what note type are the cards that you are currently using? You may need to manually change your note types to the latest AnKingOverhaul note type and then subscribe.

You can download the latest version of the note type via the AnKing Note types addon: AnKing Note Types (Easy Customization) - AnkiWeb

I am using V12, but have not synched in a while. The note type that my cards are is listed as “AnkingOverhaul (AnKing / AnKingMed)”.

I attempted to download the latest version of the note type via the AnKing Note types add-on you linked, but after updating I lost all the content in my “missed questions” field.

I updated by clicking “update notetypes” here:

Ok so it definitely is a note type issue. Did you change the names of the fields or something by chance?

You’ll need to convert all your notes to a different note type (you can create one or use the non-AnkiHub version or whatever), then update the note type, then convert them back to the AnKingOverhaul note type. That should fix the problem

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Ah yes, I do recall changing the name of the “Missed Questions” field to “Missed_Questions”. I changed it back and everything started working again (never doing that again). Thanks so much!

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Yup that would be the issue. Glad we figured that out!