AnkiHub update did not protect missed questions field?


I updated my anking deck from v9 → v12 AnkiHub today, but unfortunately, I noticed that the special fields tag did not protect most of missed questions field. I’ve included a screenshot of my settings in the special fields add-on. One odd thing to note is that 10% of my cards were protected in the process, not sure why, everything was all synced and ready to go before I updated. Any thoughts on how to get my missed questions to sync into the new deck? Perhaps an issue with the special fields add on? Thanks!


im pretty sure the special fields addon here has no use anymore for this case. Did you protect your fields on the ankihub website? When you click on the Anking overhaul deck on ankihub, in the top right there is 3 dots, then click on manage protected data, and there you can choose what to protect.

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Thank you so much Ahmed!! Completely missed it and it works now!

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