New Anking Step deck created each time I update Anking Note types


A new Anking Step Deck keeps showing up on my decks even though I changed the destination for new cards in settings. It’s happened before and I deleted the new deck. I think this time it happened because I updated the Anking Note Types.

Should I just keep deleting the new deck that populates?



Did you click the change destination for new cards for the deck named "Anking Overhaul?

These most likely are not new cards we have pushed (we only have pushed a few 100, not 4000+)

Yes, I have changed the destination. New cards are the 500 new under “Anking Overhaul”. What I don’t understand is why a completely new overhaul deck sometimes populates as if I’ve resubscribed to the deck.

How did you update the note types?

In the Anking NoteTypes addon. When I opened the application I received a notification to update.

If you move all cards from “AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2” to “AnKing Overhaul” and delete the former now-empty deck, does it still re-appear after updating notetypes and syncing?