New cards and tags


The question is,

regarding new cards, what happens to them when I add ankihub tags like one used for Uworld question IDs but I change the question I’d number because I have found that some questions IDs are still missing for Uworld step 2.

What happen to those cards?, I add my own protected tags too

Thank you

If the tag you are adding is protected in your “protected data” section on AnkiHub web, then that tag will be protected. If you have the following tags, all of them will be saved if you add “a” to your protected tags

  • “a::d::c”
  • “d::c::a”
  • “a”

If you are just trying to add the new UWorld QID tag that is missing, feel free to submit that as a suggestion and we can approve it so that it goes out to everyone.


You’re my hero, thanks for helping me out

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