Notes that could not be imported as note type has changed: 1288

I am subscribed to anking overhaul deck , I decided to use it in conjunction with another premade deck. When I try do upload another premade deck I have this kind of problem:
Please help me in uploading new premade deck without skipping uploading notes/cards

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Following this. I recall meeting this issue at one point but do not remember the exact circumstances which caused it.

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Hope someone will help us!

The other premade deck must have some of the same notes in it that the AnKing deck has. Which deck do you want to take priority for those notes? One has to override the other

If you want them to update, youโ€™ll need to use the special fields addon

I want to prioritize anking overhaul deck , another premade deck I want to use for notes that are not covered by anking . Shortly I want to have both decks under one user + get the updates for Anking overhaul. Another premade deck is not from Ankihub .
Another thing , I know I have asked this before but when are you planning to add new note suggestions ? I see many notes are updated not all , this is fine and understandable , what I am worried about is that it can be late for me by the time you add new note suggestions.

I added * symbol for all cards it should actually change cards , should not be exactly the same

If you want to prioritize the AnKing deck, then you donโ€™t need to do anything. It added all notes that are new and skipped any already in the AnKing deck

We are currently discussing how we want to do this and what guidelines we want to have

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Thank you , hope you will let us know your decision !

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