Paid lifetime membership but onboarding tasks still says I’m not a member

Hi there,

I paid for a lifetime membership back in Apr. 18th. However, when I opened the onboarding tasks it still says “Become a Member”.

I can still access the decks and sync without any issue, wonder if there are anything wrong or if it is just a visual bug.

Thank you for your time, let me know.

Hey there


Simply click choose the option to mark the task as completed under ‘Become a Member’, and you’ll be good to go!

@andrew I had this issue as well, i think everyone is receiving this if they go to ankihub after the new onboarding update

Also, this is pretty confusing (see below). The “membership” should go away after someone purchases a subscription


Or change to an “Unlocked” sign to show your membership is active?

maybe the “non subscription decks” could say “free” or something like that instead?

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