Unable to sync the anatoking deck

Hello, I am having trouble with syncing the anatoking deck through ankihub.
I get a message saying that I have not subscribed and it also says that I need to be a member.
Both of these things I have done. I am a lifetime member and I have subscribed through my app.ankihub.net.

It also seems to think now that I have not subscirbed to the Anking deck as well when I go to refresh.

Thank you for the help

As an update, it seems like it does not think I have an active subscription. I believe this to be incorrect as I have purchased a lifetime subscription.
One potential point of error that I could imagine is that originally, I just purchased a one month sub, then went ahead and signed up for a lifetime subscription.

I assigned this to the developer team and I’ll have them look into this on the backend and fix it for you

Hi @ewelegendre,

We have already fixed the issue you reported, and everything should be working fine now. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

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