Getting an error saying I'm not subscribed every time I try to sync

Last month I bought the one month AnkiHub subscription to try it out. I liked it a lot, so much so that I went ahead and changed to the yearly sub before the initial sub ended. I followed the instructions here: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.. I got charged the $55 for annual sub and things seemed to be going well. At the time, in the Membership Portal it even showed both of my subs and the date they’d expire.

This morning was the end of that initial trial month. Now when I try to sync, I get the following message every time:

Please subscribe to the deck
AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2
on the AnkiHub website to be able to sync.

Link to the deck: Sign In

Note that you also need an active AnkiHub subscription

When I check my ankihub main page, it shows I’m subscribed to the deck. However, I’ve now noticed in the top right corner, there’s the “become a member” button. And in my Settings on AnkiHub, there is no more Membership Portal. Seems to think I’m not subscribed to AnkiHub for whatever reason because the initial one month subscription expired today, and it’s ignoring/missing the annual subscription I made.

I have notified the developers of your case

They will be in contact with you shortly

Apologies for this and thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

Your membership should be active now. Sorry about that!

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Hello! I’m having the exact same problem - I purchased the one month subscription, but had to change my payment card.

The original payment expired today, but I was re-charged for another month when I changed the payment card, and that expires in a couple weeks.

I just reactivated your membership, @shindiggyy . Sorry about that!