AnkiHub wrongly deactivates membership for presale purchasers

Hi all. As of yesterday I cannot use all of my anki subscription features and it’s asking me to subscribe. I have tried re-subscribing but it says I’m already subscribed. Please help and thank you for any of it! I am in the middle of finals so this is very inconvenient for me

It says my subscription is good through June 2

I can’t help, unfortunately (I don’t work for anki/ankihub).
However, I am having a similar problem. I even resubscribed yesterday after receiving the message and temporarily resolved this problem. This morning I woke up to it again though. Mine says upon trying to sync:

Please subscribe to the deck
“Deck name”
on the AnkiHub website to be able to sync.

Link to the deck: Sign In blah blah blah

Note that you also need an active AnkiHub subscription.

I’m having this issue as well

Same issue. Tried unsubscribing and resubscribing. Now getting this.


@pokaitochip @knewsome11 @LiamArnold @Aaron @medstudent123

Thank you all for alerting us.

The dev team has been alerted and are working on this.

We will update you when we have figured out the issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience!


@pokaitochip , there is no payment information associated with AnkiHub username pokaitochip or the associated email address (check your settings on Sign In to see the email address).

Therefore, I suspect you may have more than one AnkiHub account and that you are currently logged into an account that does not have a membership. Is there another username or email address you may have used to create an AnkiHub account? If so, let us know and we can look into it further.

@knewsome11 @LiamArnold @Aaron @medstudent123, we found a bug that resulted in the accidental deactivation of memberships for those who purchased AnkiHub at the special presale pricing. We are working on a fix for this right now and will resolve it shortly. Apologies for the inconvenience! Thanks for the early morning sleuthing session, @heitorado :male_detective: ! And thanks for the ping, @Ahmed !

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The issue with accidental membership deactivation for presale purchasers has been resolved. Please let us know if you have any other issues! @knewsome11 @LiamArnold @Aaron @medstudent123


I am having the same issue. How do I fix this?

The issue has been resolved. Your membership is active.