Payment methods

Hello AnkiHub group! Sorry for bothering. I was trying to purchase a membership but found out that I couldn’t buy it with a debit card. Since I have neither credit cards nor PayPal account, is there any way else to purchase it?

We accept the payment methods shown in this screenshot, including debit cards.

We are happy to try and help you out if you can provide more details about what happened when you tried to purchase a membership.

My card is a debit card of the China construction bank and doesn’t have a cvc. I tried but the website said my card was not supported. I took a screenshot of that.

And the login problem.
I could only view the home page. Whenever I clicked the log in button it said change rejected.

I believe we accept China UnionPay. If your payment method isn’t working, I’m afraid we can’t do anything in the immediate future. However, you are welcome to request a scholarship at

Can you share a screenshot?

Thanks for your reply. I’m wondering if I can apply again when the first scholarship is due to expire?
As for the website, I recorded the process in the video below.

(Attachment is missing)


I am unable to see the attachment as we don’t allow uploading .mov files. If you can share a .gif or screenshot, that would be great.

Ok, my bad:)

I am not sure what that’s about. What were you trying to do? Try logging into first.

Hi , I don’t know that much about Ankihub but I want urgent help plz ,
I purchased life time membership and last night was not working anymore , they says you need an active account

Your membership should be active now, sorry about that

Let us know if you need anything else!