Proper Duplicate Cards Deletion and Scheduling Tutorial

There are some cards that I’ve been reviewing and have gotten this message for:

How do I make sure that the scheduling information for this card stays the same if I do follow those directions?

Any help is appreciated!

Scheduling information will not transfer over, however, there are addons you can use to transfer it over

@shmuelsash what was the addon method you were planning to add to cards?

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Thank you for your response! I would appreciate the name of the add-on if possible.

If I don’t end up deleting that card, will AnkiHub do that for me? I’m wondering just in case I should try to find that add-on before it gets removed from my reviews.

Thank you again!

This is the addon:

AnkiHub will not delete the card locally for you unless you indicate this in the settings by going to ankihub addon → deck management

@herstein.jacob has been using this one:
I’ve been using this one:

They both have the issue that they cause the database to seem like its corrupted and cause an error that requires the users to check database and that doesn’t fix it so they need to sync in one direction

I have actually started linking the add-on in the dupe deletion text recently to make this more available

@shmuelsash I recently used my chosen add-on and had no issue with the check database (did not force sync)

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If Jacob’s addon works, lets put that in the extra section instead

I had some issues with it originally but nothing recently, not sure what changed.