Protected Tag Data Bug: Tag discrepancies between local note and AnkiHub suggestions

When working with some volunteers that are adding Bootcamp tags, I have noticed many tagging suggestions that look like this, where the only intended tag is the last one for Bootcamp.

I have instructed my users to protect many tags when submitting Bootcamp to avoid this exact issue, and this user u/bootcamp_sorlov - has the following tags protected:

Notably, UWorld, Pixorize, B&B, etc. tags are protected and all appear as being deleted in the suggestion above. For this specific note on the local collection, this user has all the following tags (matching my collection exactly), which would suggest that the tagging is displaying incorrectly on AnkiHub:

However, when examining the individual suggestion, I see the following. The “AnkiHub_Update” tag is added and all of the red deleted tags are missing from the suggestion…

Priority: Medium to High I am confused about what is going on here and have no idea how to rectify this. It is happening for 2 different BootCamp users for their bulk suggestions en masse, the other of which is u/bootcamp_kshivok (I have since told her to remove protected tags as I initially thought that may be the issue, but have yet to investigate that). I believe this error could potentially cause issues for maintainers that silently push updates which may delete unintended tags.

To follow-up, I had this user remove all protected tags except the following:

I asked them to sync with AnkiHub, then resubmit a change to this specific note which appears as follows:

I then asked the user to re-add the protected tags in the post above, and resubmit on this note (all without making any changes to the note) - and the suggestion displays as follows:

I have high suspicion that this is related to the protected tags feature.


You are right, this is related to the protected tags feature. I’m not sure there is a problem with the way it works though.

Protected tags afaik are intended to be used to protect personal tags. These personal tags won’t get overwritten when you sync with AnkiHub and they also won’t appear in suggestions you make.

So the solution is to not protect these tags.

I have instructed my users to protect many tags when submitting Bootcamp to avoid this exact issue

Did you experience issues where tags that shouldn’t get removed got removed before?

This is the first time I’m noticing this. After reading your explanation I must have misunderstood the function of this feature. My understanding was that it simply ignores the protected tag and only pushes changes to the tags not listed in the protected section.

Since I had them protect tags that are a part of the deck AnkiHub must have treated them as deleted. If this is intended behavior then you are correct we can mark this issue as resolved.