Protect New Optional Tag?

I shared my school’s optional tag a few days ago and just realized that I forgot to add the optional tag to my Protected Tags on the Anking deck. I’m not sure exactly how many cards have been overwritten at this time.

If I put “AnkiHub_Optional” as a protected tag, will that negatively effect how cards are uploaded/updated?

Edit: What is the best way to attempt to recover the tags that were overwritten in the last week? There are potentially hundreds of notes that lost a tag after they were synced with ankihub.

You shared the optional tag to AnkiHub but not all of them? Do they have an optional AnkiHub tag now? I wouldn’t recommend protecting AnkiHub_Optional

Your query is a little confusing can you specify whether:

  • you added tags to your optional head tag and uploaded them
  • you added tags to your optional tag and have yet to upload them
  • you are asking if the optional head tag needs to be protected
  • something not listed

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry for being unclear.

The day the new feature was released I successfully uploaded all of my personal school-related tags (>25k cards).

Over the past few days, I’ve noticed that some of the cards that I had added my optional tag to mysteriously became un-tagged. (I use CFDs and the optional tag was clearly being removed.)

I was able to deduce that the cards being un-tagged (i.e. mysteriously dropping my optional tag) were recently updated in AnkiHub for all users.

I realized that I had not protected my AnkiHub_Optional tag on AnkiHub, and that for that reason, my optional tags were being erased whenever I would sync to AnkiHub if those notes received a general update.

I’m wondering how I can prevent this from happening, and how I can restore the tags that were erased.

I’m happy to elaborate more if this is still unclear. As always, I’m impressed by the team’s rapid response time to issues.

It’s intended for the AnkiHub_Optional tag to be protected by default for all users, so what you’re observing is unintended behavior. Try deleting the tag locally, unsubscribing, and resubscribing to your optional tags via AnkiHub - if you successfully uploaded them all they should still be hosted on AnkiHub.

Agree with @dollajas ’s suggestion. If this continues we’ll have the software devs look into this as it might be a bug! (@jakub.f pinging you so you see this)

Thanks guys. I can try this and follow up later if I continue to notice that notes are losing the optional tags that I’m adding

Edit: I forgot to mention that I am the owner of this optional tag. I don’t see an option to resubscribe nor delete the tag within AnkiHub. Am I not looking in the correct place?

You should be able to go to the AnKing deck and then click optional tags and check or uncheck it

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There was indeed a bug in the add-on which caused the optional tags to not be protected. We now released a new version that fixes this.


Thank you!
I’m curious, following the update, do you know if the original optional tags that I added will be restored?

There is an add-on feature for restoring / resetting Optional Tag Groups:

  • Anki Browser → AnkiHub → Reset an Optional Tag Group
  • Choose the Tag Group you want to reset / restore
  • Confirm

This will make sure that the optional tags in your collection match up with the ones on the website. It will first remove all optional tags from that group from the notes in your collection and then re-download them.


After resetting my optional tag group, it may have restored all the AnKing notes with my optional tag, but it also removed my optional tag from every note that is NOT in the AnKing deck. I’m going to have to restore from back up and do some magic to get my tags added back to all the other notes.

Sorry, I didn’t realize that people would use the same optional tag group for multiple decks. Do you use multiple tag groups with the same name for different decks?
I can change this feature to only remove the optional tags (of that group) from the notes of the ankihub deck related to this tag group.

It’s OK – it was an easy fix for me. I appreciate you being on top of this.

Yes, I use my optional tag group for both the AnKing deck and my personal decks for school, so I think it’d be helpful to only reset the optional tag group as it relates to the AnKing deck


The newest update (released just now) fixes the Reset an Optional Tag Group action. It will only delete optional tags from notes of the deck it should delete it from.