QoL: Force edit uppercase and lowercase differences in tags

As seen in the image, there is a difference in upper- and lowercase in a tag.
It can be a bit confusing and I am not sure wether this can/will be problematic.

Not sure if technically possible, but would be a nice QoL change

This is a issue we are having on the AnKing deck as well, this is annoying for maintainers having to revert, but I think its just a visual bug.

Interesting, I wasn’t aware that tags are case-insensitive in Anki. Do you know why people have tags in different cases? Does it e.g. happen when people just added the tag to a note? Because Anki seems to automatically change the tag to the version of the tag that’s shown in the Anki Browser sidebar. So I’m wondering how it happens that people have a different tag after syncing with AnkiHub.

For some reason this stopped working, even when installing V12 again, the same error occurs when submitting certain suggestions with certain sketchypharm or micro tags, we realized its just purely visual however but it can he annoying.

Once i accepted a suggestion that turned a upper case tag into lower case, then i changed it back and suggested but ankihub says β€œno change has been made”. Very odd

I changed the tag on my side, adjusting it to the rest of the tags . No Ankihub bug!

But since I only changed it on the main deck, all the other suggestions will come in lowercase until we push out a non-Ankihub version again or someone subscribes first-time.