Setting up rotation specific filtered decks


I am trying to set up a filtered deck for my Peds rotation and am following the instructions given by the Anking to create a filtered deck which subtracts the Step 1 materials.

When I try to create a filtered deck using the lines:

“(((((deck:* tag:#AK_Step2_v12::!Shelf::Peds::no_dupes) -deck:AnKing::Lolnotacop) -“deck:AnKing::Zanki Pharmacology”) -“deck:AnKing::Zanki Step Decks”) -flag:1) is:suspended”

I get the error: “No cards matched the provided search. Some cards may have been excluded because they are in a different filtered deck, or suspended.”

Can someone point me in the correct direction for how to fix this?

looks like you have is:suspended which only filters for cards that are suspended. Did you mean to have -is:suspended?

Thanks for your reply.
No, I’d actually like to select the suspended cards. I am at the beginning of the clinical rotation and I am trying to create a filtered deck in accordance with this Anking video: How to Use Anki for Rotations, Shelf Exams and Step 2 - YouTube

I am trying to remove all of the extra cards that are from step 1 or are duplicates. Let me know if you have any ideas of how to fix this. Thanks!

Filtered decks by default won’t pull in suspended cards (there’s no way around that)

Got it. Thanks for your reply. Let me know if you have any thoughts about how I could achieve the same thing I was trying to do. Thanks!