Started w/old version of AnKing MCAT Deck & I'm trying to sync over to new one

I was using an old version of the AnKing deck and was over 1000 cards in and then I purchased AnkiHub to get the new version. I am having a lot of trouble though. It now unsuspended all of the behavioral kaplan chapter cards even though I have not gotten to those yet and it says I have over 400 new cards to do when earlier today I only had 70. Why is it giving me all these new cards? I tried unsuspending them from the behavioral tag and it did not work. I have only done Kaplan chapters 1-11 of biology, chapter 1-8 of biochem, and chapter 1-3 of organic chem so far. I also got this pop up and I don’t know what to do

Click Upload to AnkiWeb.

Make sure to set a reasonable New cards/day limit in the deck options, so that you get approximately same number of new cards every day regardless of how many unsuspended cards you have.