Subscribed and downloaded decks but Ankihub saying I have not downloaded the decks and will not allow syncing unless I install them

I just updated by anki app to the newest version due to ankihub no longer working with the version that I previously had. After updating and installing the anki add on again, I was able to log in; however, after trying to sync my cards, I was presented with the following message

I tried logging in and out of ankihub, unsubscribing to one deck and subscribing again, closing and reopening the app multiple times, and deleting and reinstalling the add on, but every time I try to sync, I get the message that I haven’t installed the deck. I am nervous to install the deck again since I already have the decks on my computer and have been using the step 1 and 2 deck for almost a year now, so I don’t want to mess up any of my progress and modifications.

@jakub.f any ideas on this? I’ve had a couple people ask me

If you want to get updates for the decks, you have to install them. This will not influence your progress and it will only add notes (if new notes were added) or updates existing notes. If you want you can create a backup of your collection before installing the decks: Backups - Anki Manual

If you don’t want to get updates for the decks, you can unsubscribe from them.
Go to AnkiHub Explore Decks and unsubscribe from the decks you don’t want to get updates for.

Does the dialog even show up when you unsubscribe from all the decks listed on the dialog?

@jakub.f i think they’re saying that they are already syncing with the anking deck but it’s now saying it needs to install it. @Maddie3md is that correct?

Yes, that’s correct. I’ve been using the ankihub add on and have both installed and have been subscribed to these decks since January. I already went through the process of installing three decks seen in the screenshot: Anatoking, AnKing, and Learning Beginning and Medical Spanish. Up until I had to update my Anki app because of the ankihub add on needing an updated version to work, I have not had any problems with ankihub and syncing. After updating, the add on started to work, meaning I was able to log in, but when I pressed “sync”, I was presented with the message seen in the screenshot above.

I am just a little confused as to why I need to install the decks again since I already have gone through the process of installing each of those decks when I first got ankihub and subscribed to the decks back in January. It seems to be saying that I never installed the decks, but I have installed them and I have been syncing everything just fine up until I had to update the app so that the ankihub add on would work.

Thank you for yall’s help! My main goal is to get the syncing feature to work again. I would just go ahead and install the decks again like it told me to, but I feel like I will have duplicate decks and I’m worried about my progress and protected fields not translating over. @jakub.f @TheAnKing

I’d recommend to create a backup (Backups - Anki Manual) and to go ahead with the deck installation.

There shouldn’t be any duplicate decks after the installation and you progress won’t be lost. Protected fields will carry over, as long as you have configured the fields you want to protect (Protected Field ans Tags - AnkiHub Manual).

If you notice that something’s not right after the installation we can help you to resolve the problems and you can restore from the backup if needed.

Okay, thank you. I will do that.

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