Subscribed to same deck twice?

Hi, my payment method was not able to be charged. I tried to change it somewhere in Ankihub but didn’t find a place to do so.

So I clicked “subscribe” on the same deck again - and made sure the payment info on stripe was ok.

Now it appears there are 2 instances of the same deck on Ankiweb.

I deleted the second (new) instance and synced again.

My question: Is the instance I have now still “connected” to AnkiHub? Will i receive updates still? Is there a way for me to verify the connectivity of this instance with AnkiHub?

I figured out that the deck I have in ANKI right now does not appear to be linked to AnkiHub anymore.

How do I link this instance up with AnkiHub without losing my progress?

Please advise

Go to AnkiHub → subscribe to the AnKing Overhaul Deck by AnKingMed with 25,000+ subscribers → press sync on Anki

Thank you for your input, but perhaps you didn’t read my issue clearly.

I was already subscribed. I subscribed again because of a payment issue.

Then there was a duplicate AnKing Overhaul deck which was sync’ed with AnkiHub. However, the deck that has all my progress is no longer sync’ing with AnkiHub.

That is the issue I’m facing at the moment.

Please advise.


So on the AnkiWeb website, you see two decks. But on your Anki app on your computer, you only see your original deck that you have been using?

So far it seems that your Anki application does not have any subscribed decks. If you do as I said above, nothing will change if you have protected your fields correctly, all your scheduling will remain intact.

Currently your Anki will not sync with AnkiHub because it is not subscribed to the deck in the addon.

I noticed you had two concurrent duplicate subscriptions, so I cancelled the old one so it does not interfere with anything and you are not charged twice

If anything were to occur, Anki saves a ton of backups so you will be fine