Suggesting new cards to AnKing

Hi, apologies if this is answered elsewhere, I couldn’t find it in the deck details or the community forums.

Is there a mechanism for suggesting new cards to the AnKing deck? I’ve been wanting a one by one card for HEAPS PIMP for the drugs that caused drug-induced lupus, and I can make my own in my deck but was curious about the mechanism of suggesting new cards to the deck.


Hi, this isn’t asked anywhere else and it’s probably a good card to add to the deck. We are still working on which tags we want to consider necessary for all new card adds and what our protocol for accepting new cards will be. You’re welcome to add it into the queue now (which is quite long, we know) and it will eventually get looked at. Feel free to add all the related note IDs as your rationale and I can consider looking at it sooner vs. later.


How do I add it into the queue?

Create the new card with the correct note type, add in the tags you would like, only images that are in other cards, and use the ankihub add-on tooltip to “suggest new note” before you click add card