Tags don't sync

Hi, Guys!

When I sync with AnkiHub some tags do not appear.

All tags were added, but some users did not receive all of these changes.

I, for example, only received the tags for the first and ninth week of the schedule.

Another user received all but the fourth and tenth weeks.

I’m using the latest version of Anki. I’ve tried syncing with AnkiHub several times.

I didn’t reset all local changes for fear of losing my personal notes.

Additionally, when I submit cards, some tags appear as missing (they appear red in community suggestions) and other users have reported the same issue.

Have a good week :smiley:

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Hi Nathália, in which deck is this happening?


You will most likely need to reset local changes in order to get the most uptodate changes to the deck.

You can protect the fields you do not want altered

@ankiclass can you provide any insight, what fields are automatically protected (if any)?

This is happening in my anki too. I’ve tries to reset local changes, but didn’t work and I lost all my personal notes and previous configurations.

Did you protect the fields that you made changes to?

Hi, Carol! It’s from “ErreAnki”.


Personal notes field is automatically protected. I’ll try to reset.

Thanks <3

EDIT: It didn’t work :c

Can you help me?

I have about 100 cards that I made a lot of changes to and protected with the %%keep%% tag. Will these cards also be protected?

Didn’t work here :frowning:

Hope we can solve this together!

This does not protect the cards

To protect the cards, you will need to either protect that field or add one of the “AnkiHub_Protect::Text” or “AnkiHub_Protect::All” tags

This is why your cards have stuff getting removed. This post will explain everything you need to know about protecting: 🔐 Protecting Fields and Tags

Adding %%keep%% to the protected tags will only keep that tag from getting deleted, not the card

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II understood. I only used the “Protecting Fields on the AnkiHub Website” part.

But my question is if I protect all the fields on the card, how will I receive the new tags that I haven’t been able to synchronize yet?

I reset the local changes, but the tags still didn’t appear, this is the main problem I have right now :frowning: . Fortunately, I was able to recover my notes through a backup :slight_smile: .