Time Zone Support

I just submitted a suggestion (@ 11:07 AM EST) and on the Ankihub website it says it was submitted at 3:07 PM

Any way to have the website reflect the time zone of the user?

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it reflects the same time zone for all users so that they’re all shown in the order they were actually submitted

There’s no way to keep the order of submission but still have the time in the correct time zone?

At the moment no. It shows in the universal time zone. We could look into making it convert to local time zone though

I just thought of some ideas

  1. How about putting in a little box somewhere on the page that says something like:
AnkiHub {time & date} (UTC)
Local {time & date} ({local time zone}) - {difference} (i.e. +4 hrs or -4 hrs)
  1. Add the time zone next to the time on each suggestion
Created at {time & date} (UTC)
  1. Add local time next to time on each card
Created at {time & date} (UTC)
Created at {time & date} ({local time zone})

Come to think of it how hard would it be to just hide the text of the UTC and just show the local one. This way AnkiHub still has the universal time with which it orders the suggestions but the user can see the time in their local time zone.

Granted this isn’t a major issue. Its more of a quality of life issue that has been bugging me. Totally understand if this is something you don’t ever get to but I just wanted to put it on your radar.

Thank you for everything you do!!

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