Troubles with syncing with Subscribed deck

Hi guys,

I just newly subscirbed to AnkiHub. I am having issues with syncing. I have followed all of the procedures and steps and for some reason cannot get the Anking MCAT deck to appear in my ANKI desktop.

I have tried troubleshooting by deleting and reinstalling ankihub, logging in, pressing sync multiple times. It has not prompted me with anything pertaining to new cards (upload or download). I have Unsubscribed and resubscriebd to the deck several times. Still nothing. Please let me know your thoughts of what to do next.

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I resolved the issue. I believe it was coming from the fact I had the latest anki update 24.04.1. Once I downloaded the 2.1.66 everything uploaded correctly.

Just a follow up, does that mean we can only use 2.1.66, and when ANKI suggests to upgrade we should ignore?

I have same issue but with step 1 deck

@chun_yeung What steps have you done? When prompted, did you click upload to ankiweb or download from ankiweb?

I’ve tried signing out, re installing add on. I believe I clocked download but everytime I repeat the steps now there’s no prompt

You should click upload to ankiweb

Can you try this: go to browse β†’ at the top click ankihub β†’ reset local changes to deck

Okay I did and I tried to do the steps again and same problem

Did you have v11 previously? Can you take a screenshot of your main anki screen and tags