UWORLD QID addon showing "matches anki notes"

Hi all. So when I attempt to use the anking uworld addon it says that some QID do not show a corresponding card and gives me this list of questions that has “matches anki notes” written next to them. I have taken a a screenshot and attached it here.

2023-04-30 22 38 49

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We provide official support here for the AnkiHub web app and AnkiHub add-on, but cannot provide official support for questions about using specific decks shared on AnkiHub, including the AnKing decks.

It just means if found notes for all except the one it listed the QID. Make your own card or see if it’s a low yield fact, the rest will pop up when you hit close

Sorry I haven’t had time to give an actual response (above is just an auto response).

Basically QID 1372 wasn’t found in the tags. While most of the QIDs have been tagged, there are some that still haven’t been. You pasted a bunch in and they were all found except 1372. If you have questions about the membership addons in the future you can always post on the GitHub link that’s linked on every membership add-on post. The membership team doesn’t monitor this community at all as this is primarily for AnkiHub. Let me know if there’s questions!