What is happening to old suggested edits?

I know you all are incredibly busy with the volume of suggested edits. Over the past month or so, i have spent numerous hours suggesting edits in an attempt to give back to the community. While many of my suggestions have been accepted or rejected, many have seemed to fade into obscurity with no decision. Some of those suggestions are in reference to cards that have inaccurate content. I was wondering if someone could elaborate in regards to what the plan is for those older suggestions? Not looking for any special treatment and I dont mind if the suggestions are denied… I am just trying to make sure the time I spend putting in edits is beneficial to the community and an effective use of my time. As always, thank you all for everything you do.


Thanks for the suggestion, you are definitely correct. We are a little inundated - this past week has been match week so a few members of our team were taking a little time to celebrate. We have plans on systematically catching up with the queue this week! What is your username? We can make sure to prioritize your suggestions as well. Thanks for understanding :slight_smile:


Understandable. Congrats on the match BTW. You all deserve the celebration time. The user name is “aaron” same as the forum :slight_smile: Thank you again.