[Wiki] Step 1 - Pixorized FotL by AnkiFoTL

This is a Step 1 / Pre-clinical deck that is centered around Pixorize. Every picture (even those without videos) is annotated on one picture. See the Reddit link for a much more detailed post about whats inside and sample cards. It includes all of Pixorize, Pathoma with low yield cards removed, FA Rapid Review, and 100 Concepts Anatomy.

Images / Media Folder Link (03/02/2024):

Subscribe to the deck, download the above link, unzip it to a folder, and in Anki under the AnkiHub drop down menu select import media. Point the import media to the folder you just made / downloaded.

Reddit Post:


Stand Alone Deck (Everything included - No Ankihub required) as of 08-11-2023

If you use this, please support Pixorize. An anki deck with pictures will not replace the videos and this is meant for subscribers. Pixorize videos are well made, it is reasonably priced, and the facts will stick better on test day with the story lines in your brain.