A large amount of media not displaying in Anking V12

Phone being used is Samsung S8+ with AnkiDroid. I’m logged into my account on AnkiWeb. Old phone broke and I did a fresh install, logged into my AnkiWeb account, and attempted to synchronize. I received an error for synchronizing when I did it the first time. I forgot to take a screenshot at the time, and it seems that I can’t reproduce that synchronizing error (for now).

The message was something to the effect that there’s a software error that prevents displaying the media for the cards.

The media displays properly on both my desktop and laptop computers, no issues there.

When using the “Check Media” option on AnkiDroid, I get an error that says:

Media database rebuilt

Files in media folder but not used by any cards: 192
Files used on cards but not in media folder: 65391

Is there a way to fix the media displaying in the cards or download the right media? My prior phone, which was the same make and model did not have this issue. Thank you.

I dont have much experience with AnkiDroid but you could try deleting the AnKing deck then syncing again from the start?

It takes a really long time to download the media initially on a phone so perhaps that is the reason its not detecting any?

If you could, reinstall the app from the start, login to ankiweb, then sync from fresh and wait for everything to sync, let me know if that works!

Hello, Do you know if I can download ANking deck on my Android phone’s external memory card (that can be removed) instead of internal memory card? I just think that one of the problems is that I do not have free 4 Gb on my internal card *maybe this is why it takes so long).
Thank you

Just finished doing this an I got the following two errors when I tried to synchronize the deck, first one is from right after doing a fresh install, and then the second one is after trying to sychronize again about an hour later.

First error:

Collection synchronized

Error syncing media data

javax.net.sll.SSLException: Read error: ssl=0x72491fe588: I/O error during system call, Connection reset by peer

Second error:

Collection synchronized

Error syncing media data

java.net.ConnectException: Failed to connect to sync4.ankiweb.net/

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I think you should be able to… however I do not own a Android so I’m not entirely sure. Maybe direct your question toward the official Anki support page or Reddit

This looks like an AnkiWeb issue, not AnkiHub.

Please redirect your inquiry to the official Anki Support forum

Meanwhile I will leave this open just incase anyone can offer help or knows whats going on.