Add a 'date-of-last-update' property (sortable)

The New Ankihub Tree (from Jan 2023) is great! The ‘Updated Today’ Tree is a little tough to use tho because I miss opening anki on some days and then ‘today’ is already 2 or 3 days ago. It would be more useful, imo, if instead there was a viewable and sortable property called ‘date-of-last-update’ and i could just sort by the date. Usually I would review the most recent updates.

Great work tho guys, keep it up!

@jakub.f would it be possible to do something like anki’s added:1 where we could allow the user to do added:# to go back days?

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@Mark_S @TheAnKing

When you click on Updated Today this gets added to the search bar in the browser:

You can change this to ankihub_updated:2 to see all notes that were updated in the last two days (and so on for ankihub_updated:3 etc.).

To see all new notes that were added in the last two days you can use ankihub_updated:2 ankihub_new_note:. (You can just click on Updated Today -> New Note and then change the number behind ankihub_updated: from 1 to 2.)

Hope this helps!


Top notch guys, keep it up!

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