All cards in the deck appear as empty even when the media is downloaded

I know it has already been asked in other topics and I tried to do what was proposed as putting Feeramentas then deleting the empty cards (but the empty cards appear as ALL) as shown in the photo I attached. When reporting the voids, there are practically no cards left in the deck (and there are more than 28,000).
All my cards from the “AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2” deck appear in the Anki app on my computer and on my phone with the information “No cloze 1 found on card. Please either add a cloze deletion, or use the Empty Cards tool.”; as soon as I finished Sync to Anki from the computer I received the information that the cards in the deck were empty. but I had already downloaded the media (they are in a folder on the computer and open normally in the folder). I have already imported the media into the application, but even so, when I open the letters, I get this message.
I tried to restart everything after that because I thought the problem could be on my computer, but the same thing happens after deleting, uninstalling and restarting the whole process. I would kindly like to know what to do. I bought Anki for a year but I just can’t use the deck I need most.

Can you unsubscribe from the Anking deck on the ankihub addon and unsubscribe on AnkiHub.

Then resubscribe and try syncing again to download the deck.

Make sure your text field is not protected as well.

Both of these should be blank with no check mark next to them