Anki Intervals Changed - Any recs to get back to my old ones?

Can someone help me find settings to get my old interval back, if possible?? I didn’t back up my cards before changing because I didn’t realize putting in my old settings would lead to a totally different interval :sob:

I used to have: 1m 10m 1d 3d. When I hit good on a new card, I’d see it again in 20 minutes. If I hit good again, it would come back in 1 day. If i hit good again, it would come back in 3 days. And again, ~8 days. When I hit hard, it wouldn’t take my all the way back to the beginning as if this was a new card I was seeing for the first time.

I recently tried to increase my again and hard intervals (I had set the previous intervals before joining ankihub and getting V12) and that completely messed up my intervals.

I’ve tried so many different settings and can’t find anything that has an interval like my original settings. If I go back to 1m 10m 1d 3d, I have to do a new card three times the first day, only to have it come back the next day and have to do it three times again. It just leads to way too many reviews. But I’m doing 10m 1d 3d now, and I don’t like that the first time I hit good, it will move the card to the next day.

Please can anyone suggest intervals or other settings I should try to get back to my old intervals??? Or is there a way to get rid of the new scheduler?? I really really don’t like the new scheduler at all.


You can restore from a backup to before you changed your intervals, see how to do so here

If you can also post a screenshot of your settings, maybe we can offer some other solutions.

Here are my old settings.

Here are my new interval settings

When I try changing the learning steps to what I had previously, I get cards like this after answering them correctly the day before:

Previously, the “good” interval would be 3 days on this card.

With my new settings using V3 scheduler, I get cards like this-- why 1 day!!! (you can also see how old settings worked from the card history):

How do I resync/redownload all of the media from a backup? I would do this if I have to, but it’s been almost a week with my new settings so i’d just have to go through tons of cards I did between when I changed my interval to now.

With FSRS enabled, the behavior of the Hard button is different but I think it usually gave larger intervals.

Good moves the card to the next step when the card is in learning stage. I guess the intervals here can appear if you change the steps while the card is in learning stage.
You can try resetting learning cards using Cards > Forget in the browser after you adjust your learning steps.

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I’m confused by the Cards > Forget suggestion. When I do this it completely resets the cards as if I’ve never seen them instead of recognizing that I’ve already seen them multiple times and adjusting the intervals. Do you have any other suggestions??

Or any interval setting suggestions??

Not really sure what’s happening, but it’s worth ruling out add-ons: Troubleshooting - Anki Manual