Ankihub Collaborative Deck - suggest new note card not working / type error

I’m trying to collab with a friend on a deck that mostly consists of image occlusion cards. (She is the deck creator, and I am set to be a maintainer). I am only prompted with the button to be able to bulk or individually suggest cards when I select a new card type as: “Image Occlusion Enhanced / (deck name) / friend’s email”. However, after creating the actual image occlusion cards, I’m unable to suggest it as a new card, and get this error when I try to bulk suggest cards: “Some of the notes you selected are not of a note type that is known by AnkiHub.”
Which card types are currently recognized by Ankihub? I have tried every other card type I have, from basic to Anking Overhaul and nothing seems to allow me to suggest new cards

Hi @icelilly910 :slight_smile:

Have you tried syncing with ankihub and then trying to perform the new note suggestions again?

You’re following the right steps - every note type that the deck has at the moment it is created is supported by ankihub to make suggestions for that deck.

Try syncing first and if doing so don’t solve the issue, you can try reinstalling the Deck (delete the deck locally, remove from the “subscribed decks” list on the addon and add it again). I’ll try to replicate the error you got and investigate this bug with the dev team. :bug:

I wonder if you should make image occlusion cards, then in the browser select them all and then notes-> change note type and change it to the correct type. Then make the suggestion


Thank you both so much! I was able to get it to work through @TheAnKing’s suggestion - I made the image occlusion cards, then changed note type.

@heitor, Just wanted to let you know I tried syncing and reinstalling the deck also, but the error is still popping up :frowning: If there could be a way for us to not have to switch card types in future updates, it would be super helpful!

I was about to open a feature request asking for the possibility to sync IO cards with collaborators instead of manualy sending them the .apkg with IO cards.

So what you are saying is that we can go around the IO card error, namely “Some of the notes you selected are not of a note type that is known by AnkiHub.” by changing its note type from “Image Occlusion Enhanced” to “Image Occlusion Enhanced (deck_name / ****”? Is that correct?
Because if that is the case, then this solution does not work. The same unkown card type error is thrown, even after doing a full upload to AnkiWeb.


EDIT: tried syncing to AnkiHub as well. No, that also doesn’t solve the issue.

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which deck is this? I’ll try and submit a card

@Nick I am working on a private deck. I am trying to upload a standard “Image Occlusion Enhanced” card to AnkiHub. Do you want me to add you as a maintainer or do you already have access to the deck? Name is M8.

So far me and my collaborator have been manually exporting IO cards and sharing them via email, needless to say it’s not a very clean on sharing cards.

Can you add me to the deck? I’ll test it

Sure. If I added the right Nick you should have access to it already.

Sorry I should have clarified my username. It’s TheAnKing

Alright, just invited you to the Deck.

Haven’t forgotten about you, just haven’t had time to test yet! (sorry… I’m on medicine rotation)

@Sparklester it looks like your deck doesn’t have any IO note types. They would need to be included when you initially upload the deck (until we have note type collaboration, which is something on our todo list)

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So I should delete the deck from AnkiHub and do a full reupload?
And every time I make a new deck add in at least one card of each note type (cloze, IO…) that I plan to use ahead of time, before my initial upload?

Yeah exactly


@TheAnKing Any updates on this? As a deck creator/maintainer, it would be nice to be able to add a new card types that weren’t initially there when doing the initial deck creation on Ankihub. Otherwise, I would have to delete my whole deck from Ankihub and start the deck creation again which will force all subscribers of the deck to resubscribe to the new deck.

It’s on the roadmap!

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