AnKing+Closet notes not appearing under Deck's Community Suggestions

I’ve been recently working on a school-specific deck and opted to use the image occlusion enhanced AnKing note type. They look great locally after disabling clickable tags. However, when I bulk suggest my AnKing IO-one by one (AnKing/AnkingMed) notes to update the AnkiHub deck I created, the suggested notes never appear on the AnkiHub web portal despite a pop-up on the desktop version saying these new notes have been submitted.

I am the creator of the deck. I also subscribed to my own deck on ankihub desktop (not sure if this affects anything). Also, when bulk suggesting IO notes only, a pop-up appears saying I do not have permission do submit changes despite being the deck creator. Under AnkiHub ID, the cards are stuck with ‘ID Pending’.

For more context, the cards using the Anking Overhaul (AnKing /my email) note type have no problem being updated via suggestions.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Update: The only problem ended up being that shared decks can’t have different note types like Anking Overhaul and AnKing IO-one by one on the same deck.

The solution I’ve found was to make separate shared decks for different note types and optional tagging to ‘unify’.