Can't add new image occlusion cards to existing AnkiHub deck

I’m trying to make a deck for a class that people can add/suggest new cards into as we go through lectures. This seems to work for pretty much all card types except for Image Occlusion, which is an issue because the class is relatively anatomy heavy. I followed the instructions of this post by uploading a new deck with all the card types we would be using in the future, but we still can’t upload IO cards (although the IO cards in the original upload work). Also, the card type that we are trying to add is exactly the same as the card types of the IO cards already in the deck. Also, interestingly, one by one IO cards can be added–just not the traditional IO cards.

When trying to suggest notes, the crown is greyed out. If I hit “bulk suggest notes”, I get the following error:

The selected notes need to have an AnkiHub note type. You can use … AnkiHub → ID pending (for suggesting new notes) in the left sidebar to find notes to suggest.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

After making the IO cards, did you convert the note type before uploading?

Yes, we convert them to the IO note type that exists in the original version of the deck we uploaded to AnkiHub.

It was not working this weekend, but I just tried again today and now it works. Thanks!

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